Goines on a Trip: Colorado Bound 2017

We’re starting to get excited. 1400 miles to our first destination. Leaving May 26th. Then it’s green mountains, cold rivers, fresh air, chilly evenings and bike trails. We are going to introduce the girls to the Colorado lifestyle. It’ll be short, but worth the trek. We have to be home by June 10th. Ouch.         Day Two: 2 AM Tornado Warning in Kansas My Summary: The basic … Continue reading



It’s what I like to do with my art. Yes, most of the time I’m commissioned, but when a friend does something nice for me, or their beloved pet has died, or someone hosted us, treated us to dinner, has a birthday or just had a bad day….I like to give them a little something from the heart and hand. We were fortunate enough to be able to travel this … Continue reading

Sketch a Day Challenge

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      Yes, I started a new year challenge and, well, it’s too challenging. So, instead of doing a #sketchadaychallenge, it’s now #sketchchallenge.  It works for me. I like to hit spots around town to draw. That seems to be the time when I get my inspiration. My favorite coffee place, restaurant or quiet spot away from home.  

Experimenting Again – Titus

Experimenting Again - Titus

This past week a friend asked me to do a sketch. Instead of the basic black ink quick sketch I pulled out my old markers and let loose. It’s been really fun to go there again.

Big is Better

Big is Better

Lately I’ve been getting commissions for larger pieces and I love it. The bigger the canvas, the better. It allows me to move more freely with my strokes – and gives me the space to experiment with color. Here’s a snippet of a recent commission that is 30 x 30.  This is near the beginning. Kahloe.

Summer’s Over, and Now I Begin Again

Summer's Over, and Now I Begin Again

Summer….it’s why I have a hard time committing to a full time job. Our girls are 10 and 12 and always home for the summer. I really don’t want them to sit in front of a TV all day, or stay indoors and read, for that matter. I like to be out and about with them; checking out what’s happening in our big, southern city. This year they got a … Continue reading

Holiday Frenzy

October through end of December are my busiest months. And, appropriately so, it’s when I’m most excited about being an artist and painter. Once January hits, I tend to go into another direction.  Hence the reason I don’t post paintings or write on this blog. I’ll come back. Hopefully soon. Until then, I’ll be dabbling in my non-profit world, making music with friends, and keeping my family’s home life happy.

Crazy How Time Flies…

Crazy How Time Flies...

Tick tock…..tick tock. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my site. As I’ve said, I’m a creative person that goes through non-productive and prolific phases; mind blocks and mind flows. I don’t even realize I’m out of my creative phase until I start getting into it again. I recently completed a few fun ink drawings for a client. Using the nib on the bottle of Inda Ink, a sketch … Continue reading

Something New In My Ears

I have to paint to music. It’s the most inspiring thing to me. Takes you to happier places, or lower, depending on the mood you’re in and want to create. This morning one of my favorite music bloggers, Music Savage, posted this. Wow. Headed into the studio now. A British band that sounds very American. Treetop Flyers. Things Will Change. 

Featured in the Sweet Peach Blog

Pam, writer of the very cool Sweet Peach blog, covers unique places, fabulous food, crafty people, fun decorative and design ideas and interesting products. We met this past summer and she featured my work in her blog. A treat for me to be included, for sure. Check out her site and subscribe to her mailing list if you like fresh ideas and to learn  new things about the south. Sweet … Continue reading